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Bird Feeding Station  & Accessories


Registered Design UK:  6063870 and 6063871       /      Registered Design EU: 008017974 - 0001 and 008017974 - 0002

A great, fun way to see the birds feeding.  These videos were taken on many lazy Sunday afternoons, sitting in my conservatory. It is fascinating to watch the rotary birdmill going round and round - and as you can see the birds keep on coming. 




The Rotary Birdmill is a unique design created by my husband around 30 years ago.  Created initially to help establish our new garden whilst fostering a love of wildlife for our children, we realised that the design was something special. 

Its windmill-inspired form allows you to hang multiple bird feeders from the spokes and watch as the birds gather, and travel, around the feeder. 

As a family, we have spent many a lazy Sunday afternoon sat in the conservatory, enjoying nature at its finest and watching the birds flock to the Birdmill. 

Although our children have now grown up and left home, they still love watching the birds together as much as when they were little. 

If you enjoy nature and birds, and want a unique, talking-point to add to your garden, why not buy a Rotary Birdmill?

Throughout the year we will be exhibiting at various events in the UK - from agricultural shows to homebuild shows, or garden exhibitions - please take a look at the banner displayed above. 

For trade inquiries - to add the BIRMILL to your portfolio - please click this link TRADE

YouTube assembly instructions

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