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Delivery will take place via courier or Royal mail; This normally takes 3 - 5 days (UK mainland).

Delay of deliveries can happen, due to circumstances beyond our control; you will not hold us responsible for any delays out of our control.

If goods are out of stock for longer then 2 weeks, we will inform you of this when placing the order.

If you have not received your goods within 7 days after placing the order, then please report this by via our CONTACT page

For delivery outside the UK, please email us to find out the delivery cost to your destination. 


The Birdmill: 1 year guarantee on working parts of the birdmill.

Some wear and tear may occur due to weather conditions; this is normal and not a fault.

We are not responsible for damage resulting from incorrect installation, improper or abnormal use e.g. hanging incorrect items onto the hooks of the Birdmill.

Birdfeeders: We cannot be held responsible for feeders damaged by weather conditions or wildlife (e.g. squirrels). If you damage the item due to incorrect use, e.g. due to incorrectly opening a birdfeeder, then this does not fall under the guarantee and no refund will be due.

You are entitled to return birdfeeders within 14 days after receipt of the birdfeeders, as long as these are in an impeccable condition (see 'RETURN POLICY' for details).


Within 14 days after receipt of purchased goods you can cancel the goods. Inform us via the CONTACT page within this time frame that you wish to cancel.  You have then another 14 days that the item has to be returned to us.   The goods must be in impeccable condition, e.g. If you have started using the birdfeeders, or the Birdmill, then you will be unable to return these.

Please use the contact form of the website, giving your details and the details of the product. Proof of purchase must be provided. 

The consumer is responsible for the cost of returning any goods and this is at the customer's own risk. It is therefore important that returned items are well packaged. so they are not be damaged during transit. If we receive damaged items, then no refunds will be given.

On receipt of the non-damaged returned goods, a refund will be given within 14 days.

We will not accept a return from anyone other than the customer who made the purchase.

We do not have a return policy for products bought at an exhibition or other events.


All items purchased must be inspected on receipt of the goods.

If the item is faulty on receipt, then this must be reported to us within 24 hours via the CONTACT page.   We may ask for images or a short video of what part is faulty. We will refund you in full once the faulty product has been returned to us.   You will have 30 days (from receiving the item) to return the faulty item back to us.  If the item arrives after 30 days, then we will not refund you, but we will repair the item where possible or send you a replacement instead.  

If you have purchased goods with the knowledge that the item was faulty when you bought it, then no refund is due and the item can not be returned.

If you damage the item by trying to repair it yourself or someone else, then you have no automatic right on a full refund.  Please contact us via the given email address and a repair or partial refund may be given. 

Proof of purchase will be needed and keep proof of posting when returning any goods.  


If you have not received your goods within 7 days after placing the order, then please report this via our CONTACT page

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