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Create a safe place for gardenbirds to nest.

The finished product of this upcycled product is a practical and neat birdbox, whereby a wax stain has been applied to the outside of the birdbox to protect the wood.  

Small drainage holes are drilled in the bottom of the birdbox to enable to drain away any rainwater and the roof of the birdbox can be taken off - this enables you to clean it once birds have stopped using it. 

A functional birdbox, with wood colour stain, which helps to blend into its surroundings and hence it's camouflaged against predators - a 'must have' for every garden.

  • Simply hang on a screw in the wall or solid fence
  • Approximate size: 20cm H (highest point)  x 12.5cm D (not including perch) x 13cm W




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    Delivery is approximately 3 - 5 working days - UK Mainland

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