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birdmill, bird mill, deluxe feeding station



Rotating birdfeeder station. 

This birdfeeding station has 4 arms onto which you put 4 birdfeeders on.  Once birds fly onton the birdfeeders, the BIRDMILL will start to rotate.

The BIRDMILL is to be secured on a wall, a fence or a post, approximately 6' above ground level.  Ensure there is enough space for the birdmill to turn around freely - see 'tech specs' below.

Manufactured in the UK

(Birdfeeders not included)

  • Tech specs

    Mild steel, EN32

    Dimensions are approximately 100cm x diameter by 25cm (backplate to middle centre)

  • Guarantee

    Guarantee:  1 year on working parts of the birdmill

  • Delivery

    Delivery is approximately 3 - 5 working days - to UK mainland.  

  • Assembly

    Asssembly instructions are included and the instructions are also available on YouTube. The YouTube link can be found on the HOME page. Note: tools are not provided, e.g. drill, spanner, screwdriver, screws, or bolts to secure to wall or post.

  • Weight of box

    1.55 Kg

  • Return policy

    Please click this Return policy link for details

  • Target species

    House sparrows,tree sparrows, bluetits, greatits, goldfinches, longtail tits, coal tits,